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Tip Sheets

Babies & Children
Back to School on a Budget
Back to School Tips & Ideas
Fun Kids Playthings
Nit & Headlice Treatments
School Holiday Fun
Tips for New Parents

Baking the Perfect Christmas Cake
Cheapskates Advent Calendar
Cheapskates $25 & $80 Christmas Dinners
Cheapskates $50 Christmas Dinner
Christmas Gifts You Can Make
Fantastic Edible Christmas Gifts
How to Have a Cash Christmas
Quick and Easy Christmas Ideas
Sensational Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Bread & Butter Custard
Chicken Soup   
Conversion Charts
Cost per Cupcake Calculator
February Favourites
Flavoured Coffee Recipes
From Ready-made to Homemade
Glossary of Cooking Methods and Terms
Handy Freezer Guide
Home Baking Tips
Homemade Yoghurt the Cheapskates Way
Jam Making Tips
Know Your Cuts of Meat
Perfect Slow Cooking
Simple Substitutes
Terrific Tomato Relish
Tomato Sauce    

Cheapskates Dishwasher Powder
Cheapskates Style Green Cleaners
Cheapskates Washing Powder
Cleaning Tips Grandma Used
Stain Removal Chart

7 Tips to Drought Proof Your Lawn
Best Outrageous All-Natural Citrus Planting Trick
Grown Your Own Herbs
Hints from Green Thumb Garden Gurus
Tips for Successful Container Gardening

Health and Beauty
Getting Fit on a Budget
The Cold War
Top 7 Tips for a Healthy Diet & Grocery Budget

Home and Family
5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe
Bonza Backyard Barbies
Create a Family Recipe Book
Family Fun Ideas
Family Entertainment Ideas
Great Garage Sales
Lets All MOO
Slash Your Heating Costs
Tips for Everyday Savings
Weird & Wonderful Cheapskate Ideas

Money Matters
5 Ways to Increase Your Savings without Decreasing Your Lifestyle
Cut Your Spending
How to Haggle
How to Save $1,500 in Six Months
Top 10 Tips for Saving Money

5 Unique Ways to Save on Groceries
Avoiding Scanner Scams
Cupboard Is Bare Grocery List
Grocery Shopping Tips
Lowdown on Aldi
Save 10% on Your Groceries
Smart Shopping
Super Shopping Tips
Ten Painless Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Special Occasions
A Priceless Valentine's Day
Be My Valentine
Beautiful Weddings the Cheapskates Way
Crafty Gifts for Mother's Day
Easter Tips & Ideas
Favourite Teacher Gift Ideas
Happy Birthday on the Cheap - Budget Birthday Ideas
Top 6 Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Valentine's Gift Ideas that Show you Care
Wonderful Gift Wrap Ideas
Wrap it With Style

Travel & Holidays
8 Ways to Cut the Cost of Your Commute
Holidays on a Budget
Packing Checklist
Slash Your Petrol Costs

Top 5 Tips for a Debt Free Holiday

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$2 Dinners - Budget Recipes from the Cheapskates Club Recipe File
52 Ways to Slash Your Petrol Costs
A Cheapskate's Castle
Bare Bones Groceries
Cheapskates Journal's Guide to Setting Up and Using a Price Book
Cleaning with the Super Six
Everybody's Gotta Eat Eggs
How I Saved $39,856 Just By Asking For A Deal...
Secret Super Savers
Super Shopper
Make Our Own....Mixes
The Fruits of Your Labour - A Guide to Bottling and Freezing Food for Your Family

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How To.....
Create Your Pricebook
How to Cook Perfect Scrambled Eggs
How to Cover School Books
How to Host a Clothing Swapmeet
How to Make Bath Bombs
How to Make a Christmas Tree from a Magazine
How to Make a Christmas Wreath
How to Make a Groovy Library Bag
How to Make a Paper Christmas Hat
How to Make a Pullove Baby Bib
How to Make Brown Sugar
How to Make Chocolate Spoons
How to Make Christmas Crackers
How to Make Homemade Egg Substitute
How to Make Homemade Ice Magic
How to Make Miracle Spray
How to Make Homemade Shake'n'Bake
How to Make Re-usable Veggie Bags
How to Make Really Good Chicken Stock
How to Make Shoe Bags
How to Make Vanilla Extract
How to Polish Shoes
How to Sterilise Jars for Preserving
How to Make a Christmas Tree from a Magazine

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Tools & Guides
Bill Paying System
Grocery Tracking Spreadsheet
How Much Does It Cost Pocket Calculator
Freezer Labels
Fridge Inventory
Freezer Inventory
Grocery Master List
Pantry Inventory
Pricebook Sheet  A4
Pricebook Sheet  A5
Stockpile Inventory
Keeping Them Fresh
Pricebook Sheet  A4
Pricebook Sheet  A5
Savings Goal Record
Slash Expenses Worksheet
How Much Does It Cost Pocket Calculator
Wants v Needs List
What's for Dinner? Meal Planner

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Saving Stories
Cheapskates Lifestyle Slashes Debt in Double Quick Time
Cheapskates Style Kitchen Makeover
Even Living in Remote Australia, I Can Still Save
Even When You Live in the Country You Can Save
How a One-Year Cheapskates Club Membership Saved $89,000!
Linda's Story
Mindy's Story
My Successful Start to Cheapskating
Oh How Happy I Am
Pre-paying Bills Keeps a Tight Budget Under Control
Saving For Something Special
Singles Can Pay Down Debt - My Third Saving Story
Singles Can Pay Down Debt and Save
Singles Can Pay Down Debt and Save Part 2
The Cheapskates Way Pays Off
The Envelope System Really Works
We're All in This Together

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Cheapskater Creations
Laurie's Shopping List
Nicole's Christmas Gift Budget Tracker
Catherine's Menu Planner & Shopping List
Corinna's Car Buying Checklist

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Here is the best money saving tip of all for when you are shopping, go shopping pretty much straight after you have eaten, (if your not hungry you wont impulse buy on sweet things) and secondly DONT T